Kevin McEwen


Weichert Realtors- SEM Associates

3555 Keith Street NW Cleveland, TN 37312

As a REALTOR, it is my mission to help people find not only a house that fits their needs but the home of their dreams. Part of my unique niche is working with our local heroes including fire, EMS, police and healthcare professionals to get them every benefit they deserve for helping out our community. Additionally, as an agent dedicated to supporting our community, I am focused on helping everyone be able to afford a home, and to connect them with the resources and tools such as credit repair and financial planning services that will allow them to be successful homeowners over the long run.


As a former volunteer firefighter and first responder I have developed a passion for helping others. I have also worked for the YMCA for almost 10 years, and have enjoyed meeting the needs of the community as a civil servant. My passion for helping others and love of the local community and culture empower my success and provide me the opportunity to continually meet new people and service my community. My ties to the YMCA and the emergency services/healthcare fields allow me access to a vast network of amazing people with connections in every aspect of our community.



My wife, Ashley and I are very fond of the great outdoors and all it has to offer whether we are paddling in warm weather or rock climbing, hiking and camping in cooler weather. Sometimes, though, there is nothing better than grabbing a spot on the couch and reading a thick epic novel in the natural light of our living room. We also love playing with our 2 cats.



In real estate I plan to work with people form a holistic perspective. I am building a team of “go to” individuals from a multitude of industries that will enable my clients to have assistance in every aspect of their dealings. Buying a house is a huge undertanking. It requires massive groundwork and a sustainable plan to maintain. I don't want to be a one and done transaction, I want to be a partner in helping to build our community into a more stable and sustainable neighborhood. This takes commitment, and relationships. Through my dedication, compassion and punctuality, I am looking forward to building lasting relationships that allow our community to thrive.